William H. (Bill) Jones


I am a scientist in the area of Electrical Engineering, having worked in research and Advanced Development for my entire career. I have worked for companies such as General Electric and Honeywell, and startup companies in Silicon Valley, California. I have ten patents in my areas of engineering. I am an airplane pilot, with an instrument rating. I have an Amateur Radio license. While private flying and Amateur Radio have been my most pleasing hobbies, I do have others. I have grown and hybridized roses for many years and find that to be quite pleasant. And, of course, I enjoy the restoration of antique radios. My first job was in a radio shop when I was just seventeen years old and I worked at this job about ten years, both full and part time as I went to high school and college. I was also in the U.S. Army as a radio repairman in the Signal Corp. I started the antique radio hobby after I retired. I have an electronics laboratory where I conduct electronic experiments and work on radios.

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Allen Williams

William Jones: I possess a Victor Talking Machine that is in ill repair. A Victor Type 245 S/N 371053X RE45 S/N 103703
It has a phonograph in top portion of cabinet and a radio “talking machine”. I have retained it for 30+ years in a non working state and have now “suddenly” acquired the desire to explore what it would take to restore it to working condition. My remembrance
was the radio powered by tubes sounded extra special and that I think the amplifier may require total replacement. I would like a trained eye to look the unit over and provide an estimate for restoration. I reside in OKC on NW side and have the ability (truck) to provide delivery to a Okla City repair site. Please Email me back if you have desire to provide an estimate or provide contact information if you know some one in OKC area. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge. Allen Williams

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