Raymond Cady


Raymond Cady practically started out loving those classic old radios. His first was a six-transistor Japanese model back in 1962. When it finally refused to play anymore, Raymond took it apart. When his next radio, a Silvertone AM clock radio, also died, he took it apart, too. Perhaps he would have become a radio repairman back then, but as is true for many people, life took him in another direction. Many years later, Raymond met a career radioman who took him on as an apprentice. Now he has a number of years of experience in radio repair and restoration under his belt, which, combined with his never give in, never surrender approach, he believes that all antique radios can be repaired and restored. Now, as a retired IT Director, he finally has the time to work with those radios as his avocation. So, if you have a radio from the 1920-1950 era that needs new life, but you don’t have the time or skills to bring it back to its original function and beauty, he’d be happy to help.