You Just Brought an Old Radio Home: Now What Do You Do? - Raymond Cady

Whether you are just beginning to collect antique radios or you have been at it for a number of years, if you are thinking about doing more than just admiring your radio, this article may be of some help to you.

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Eleanor Poehler, A Minnesota Radio Pioneer - Donna L. Halper

1922. It was a year when radio was growing faster than anyone in the Department of Commerce (the agency that regulated radio prior to the FRC and FCC) had ever imagined. A year earlier, there had only been about fifteen commercial stations in the entire United States, and now in June of 1922, there were several hundred. It seemed every town wanted its own station, even though radio back then was a volunteer activity. Stations were not on all day – several hours in the evening was common, and some were only on a couple of nights a week. Eleanor Poehler was one of radio’s early broadcasters . . . a unique woman, and a “first” in Minneapolis/St. Paul radio.

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