The Temple Comparator by Jim Collings

Antique radios are more than just the sum of their whole, they also are the individual components and their accessories, such as the Temple Comparator, a speaker selector made by Temple, Inc. of Chicago, which is a cone shaped black Bakelite switch with a selector knob on top, allowing . . .

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Floor Model Radios and Radio-Phonographs . . . by Radio Boulevard

If, as I do, you adore antique console radios, you are going to enjoy this nostalgic look at “Floor Model Radios and Radio-Phonographs from 1929 to 1939” as presented by Radio Boulevard, which is part of the Western Historic Radio Museum.

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Radio at Sea - Thomas H. White

Radio at Sea is an online overview of pre-radio history, specifically the history of maritime communication. Read this article to learn more about technologies before radio (as the general public came to know it).

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The Radio Beginner - Philip I. Nelson

Philip Nelson provides a brief article on how to locate antique radios with suggestions ranging from the obvious (radio club swap meets) to the more obscure (thrift stores).

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Could an Old-School Tube Amp Make the Music You Love Sound Better? – Ben Marks

Have you heard that vacuum tube amplifiers have become popular with individuals who love music even if they also are not antique radio fans? In this article, Marks gives us insight into why Tube Amps are becoming popular with the younger generations, not to mention all of the great information he shares about Tube Amps.

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Understanding Antique Radios – Phil Nelson

There’s no better way to explain what this article is about than to simply quote Collector’s Weekly. “Here’s how to go about identifying an antique or vintage radio, and then how to decide if it’s playable.”

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RCA-Victor Company - by Encyclopedia

What’s one of the best ways of beating your competition? Well, if you believe the old saying that if you can’t beat them then join them, you’ll understand a little more about RCA-Victor. In late 1929, RCA, GE, and Westinghouse formed RCA-Victor in order to consolidate their existing partnerships into a single company. If you’re interested in learning more about its beginnings.

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Putting Empty Spaces in Vacuum Tubes - Irving J. Saxl, Ph.D.

This article introduces you to the vacuum tube, including an explanation of what is meant by the term “vacuum,” and how these tubes are made.

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Bicycle Radios – Steven Johnson

Unless we happened to be a youngster on a bicycle when transistor radios became small enough to take on your bicycle, many of us radio enthusiasts may not have thought about radio bicycles. Others did, however, and thus there is history about radios for bicycles. In this article, Johnson shares some of that history with his readers.

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Vintage Transistor Radios of the 1950s and 60s – Michael Jack

There are more individuals who collect vintage transistor radios than you might think, and Michael Jack is one of them. In his article, he provides not only information about vintage transistor radios, but also some advice if you’re interested in becoming a collector. And like many collectors, Jack likes to share about his collection, which he does on his Flickr site.

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